Hi, I'm Pearce Hoskinson and I'm a Brisbane based illustrator, storyboard artist and filmmaker. I work closely with businesses to bring their stories to life, whether that's through a still image or something a little more dynamic.

Look, I'm just going to say it (and you can probably tell): this site is still very much under construction. Now, I know a lot of sites say that, but it's true. I'm working on this site right now. If you hit refresh, there's a good chance it'll be a bit different from before. I jumped the gun and started putting pieces into place early, which means this site is an approximate mish-mash of what it'll become.

Not much is working yet, but it will be soon. If none of this deters you (and you still want to get in contact for whatever reason) there's a fully functional contact form below.

Love, Pearce
Illustrator and Comedy Filmmaker

Looping animations

Stand out on social media with looping animations!
My very weird career trajectory means that I've worked across film, illustration & graphic design, and I'm happiest when I can combine them. Whether its adding a character to a photo, video or an illustrated background, animation is a fantastic way to add life to your social media.


I've worked for companies such as Griffith University, Dendy Cinemas & Icon Film Distribution, and delivered materials for digital, print, TV and social media. My illustrations and designs can make your brand stand out and tell your story. No one wants to look like anyone else (except for all those mask-wearers in the Mission Impossible films) and so I can deliver assets in a range of styles.


Storyboards are my favourite things to draw because they combine illustration and film. Storyboards need to be more than nice drawings - they need a thorough understanding of storytelling, cinematography and the practical logistics of filmmaking. With my experience in film I can deliver boards that will clearly tell your story while giving you a feasible blueprint on set.


Illustrations are perfect for all sorts of things, whether it's marketing campaigns, childrens books, keepsakes or wanted posters. If you want a portrait for a special occasion, drawings for the story you've always wanted to tell, or a piece of art that celebrates your favourite character, get in touch!



If you need more than an illustration or brief animations, I can also create extensive motion graphics. Motion graphics are a great, engaging way to convey complex information with the right amount of personality. And if you're curious about the  stories I create in my spare time? Well, have a look below...



I'm a drawer, award-winning filmmaker and designer, and usually not happy until I've found a way to put a monster in whatever I'm working on. I like to tell stories that are like a Pixar film or a Tim Minchin song - funny, then suddenly tear inducing.

I'm experienced in feature films, TVCs, print campaigns and even a children's book, and have worked for companies such as Dendy Cinemas, Icon Film Distribution and Griffith University. I also co-founded the very silly comedy production company, Hired Goons.

This picture is just about the only one of me that I actually like.

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